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  • MetriQ: Gives you more billable hours.
  • MetriQ: Boosts Productivity!
  • MetriQ: Home of the Automated Time Sheet Software
  • MetriQ: Removes the need for time sheets.
  • MetriQ: Accurate; Consistent; Reliable

Getting Started

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Getting started with hands-free time sheets


Getting Started with MetriQ




MetriQ is a Time Management Software product suitable for individuals or businesses wishing to accurately track their work time. MetriQ is not a time sheet or stopwatch software, rather it is the modern 21st Century approach for you to track your time without the imposition, hassle and mundane necessity of time sheets, and without incurring the problems inherent with time sheet technology (see the Product Feature List and Comparison Matrix for a comparison with manual entry electronic time sheets).

The easiest quickest way for you to get started with MetriQ is to do the following:

We’ve given you 30 days free use of the software, so you can assess if our automated time tracking solution is a good fit for your business needs(see also a Video Tour of MetriQ in action).

  • Review our online training materials:

For those that use MetriQ on a daily basis, both timing and reporting is a snap. However, for the first time user we recommend that you review our online Training Videos, and read the Quick Guide (as part of your installation) to help bring you up to speed in the shortest possible time.

  • Jump right in and use the software!

Finally, getting use to any new software product requires a little of your time. With MetriQ we hope we’ve kept it simple and intuitive enough so you can jump right in and start to enjoying the numerous benefits of automated time capture from day 1. Feel free to peruse our online Support Center which includes a Forum, comprehensive Knowledge Base and more at any time.



"Time cools, time clarifies; no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours."
Mark Twain

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Automated Timing

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Staff Productivity improves with MetriQ's automated time capture softwareNo more Time Sheets!