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MetriQ Icons

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Time logging icons


Time Tracking Icons



MetriQ is fully featured automated time tracking software solution that helps to remove you and your staff from the mundane and tedious use of manual time sheet entry and fiddling wih excel spreadsheets. As part of our design philosophy, wherever possible we have tried to automate the time capture process, and one of the ways we believe we have succeeded with this goal is in the use of icons.

In MetriQ, Icons are a key aspect of the software, as they are used to open and launch software applications and documents that are to be timed automatically as you work. Using Icons will help you to more pro-active managing your time with the ability to do manual updates (past, present and future) and to keep a written log of what the work entailed for future reference. In addition, unlike time sheets, Icons allow time to be cut and pasted from one work Folder to another, so giving you and your staff a more effective and accurate way of managing time for your business or organization.

These simple to use training videos should help explain a little more the important role Icons play within the MetriQ Personal Time Management software.


 hand free time tracking with metriq icon

Icon Property Sheet
Each Icon within MetriQ has its own Property Sheet, used to define the behavior of that Icon within the MetriQ environment. The Property Sheet defines the underlying executable to be launched when the icon is double clicked, (in the same way as Icons saved on your Windows Desktop), defines if an Icon is to be billable, to open automatically when MetriQ starts or is one of your Favorite Icons for quick and easy population within other Folders in MetriQ. This short but infomative video will show you how to open the Icon's Property Sheet, allowing you to change these and other important settings.

hands free time sheets and MetriQ Icon Notes for all isbsg users 

Icon Notes
Each Icon has a 1000 character Notes field available for each day. Simple to use, with the ability to add your own date and timestamp, the Notes field is a popular way for individuals to keep a written log of what they've done throughout the day. This video will show you how to open and use the Icon Notes field.

Manual updating icons with metriq's hands free time sheet software 

Manual Update
Unlike a regular time sheet application, the timing aspect of MetriQ Icons means time can be added or deleted across all dates and with just a few quick mouse clicks. In addition to this, MetriQ will also allow you to update time associated with each Icon, based on a $ Cost. For example if you wish to give a client a $1000 discount, then MetriQ will automatically calculate the amount of time to be removed from a particular Client Folder based on your or your staff's charge-out rate. MetriQ also has the ability to ‘lock’ time data, so staff cannot make manual updates past a certain date threshold. Use this video to see just how easy it is to make a manual update from within MetriQ.   

Time Away Mode with MetriQ's hands free time tracking and isbsg database 

Time Away Mode
When you or your staff are interrupted by a co-worker, the telephone, or for some reason you have to leave your desk, MetriQ will understand you are no longer timing and as such will switch into a new context called Time Away Mode. When this happens, a Time Away window opens, and will continue to time until you return to your desk. At this point, MetriQ will ask that you allocate the time you’ve been away to a specific Client/Project task. If you’ve been absent for a number of hours, MetriQ will allow you to split the accrued time across different tasks and activities. The duration MetriQ waits before moving into Time Away mode is determined by you and can be different for each Client/Project folder.

Icon Persistence in combination with MetriQ hands free time management software 

Icon Persistence
Within MetriQ, all Icons can be made Persistent. When this happens, irrespective of what other software you are using, time accrued will always pass to the Icon set as Persistent. When Persistence is turned off, MetriQ will once again automatically switch timing between the different software packages you have opened from within MetriQ. As such, Persistence represents a way for you to FORCE MetriQ into this specialist timing mode. It goes without saying that only one Icon at any given time can be made Persistent, and this video will show how this is done.

Dragging and Dropping Icons from one folder to another with MetriQ's hands free time sheets 


Dragging Icons Onto Folders
Because MetriQ uses Icons throughout, you’ll find we’ve employed a number of mechanisms for you to quickly add icons onto new empty task folders. You can add applications and documents directly using a File Explorer, or by using the My Favorite Icons tool or even let MetriQ add them automatically for you when you select a folder while already using a software application opened from within another folder. However, the easiest way to add icons is to simply drag and drop them from your taskbar, start menu or your Windows Desktop. This short video presentation will show you how this is done in practice. A recent addition to MetriQ will allow you to assign My Favourite Icons, and from there, every time you select a folder, MetriQ will auto-populate that folder with your chosen icons.

MyFavorite Icons as part of your Personal Time Management software 


Cutting and Pasting Icon Time
Icons and their accrued time (for a specific date or for all dates) can be cut from one Icon and pasted into another anywhere within MetriQ. This allows you and your staff to treat time as an asset, to manipulate time accrued, and to understand that time should be something that ultimately you and your staff manage just as you manage files and documents. Icons can also be copied from one folder to another, although in this instance, time is not part of the equation as MetriQ (by design_ does not allow for double dipping. This video will show you how to cut and then paste Icon time from one Icon to another on a different Client/Project task folder.

My Favorite Icons, perfect for MetriQ's hands free time tracking software 

My Favorite Icons
MetriQ has a variety of ways for you to add icons to a Client/Project folder. Indeed, once you’ve added a single Icon, if the application that uses that icon is in use and you navigate to another Client/Project folder, MetriQ will automatically prompt you, asking if you want to add a duplicate of this icon (without any time) to your newly selected Folder. However, not everyone likes to do this, and for this reason you can also elect to make any icon a personal Favorite. You can then add your favorite Icons to any User Folder at any time, either by opening the Favorite window and choosing the icons you wish to add, or by using the F6 shortcut key, which will add ALL of your favorite Icons in one go. This video will show you how easy this is to do in practice.  

Changing Views in MetriQ, personal timemanagement software 


Changing Views
Within MetriQ, the default setting is to show large icons. However, just as within Windows file Explorer, you can change this view at anytime to show all of your icons in various ways, including a list, which might be more appropriate if you have a number of icons on any given task folder. It is worth remembering that MetriQ will also store documents on folders (e.g. MS Word, Excel even URLs) and as such can be used to help you organize your work and quickly access documents that may otherwise be hard or difficult to navigate to across the network.



"They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
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