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  • MetriQ: Gives you more billable hours.
  • MetriQ: Accurate; Consistent; Reliable
  • MetriQ: Removes the need for time sheets.
  • MetriQ: Home of the Automated Time Sheet Software
  • MetriQ: Boosts Productivity!

Reduce Costs $$$

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Save Money with MetriQ's hand free time tracking technology



Automate and Increase Revenue!

Read more on how Automated Time Tracking can reduce costs and increase your business income.


How does MetriQ increase my business revenue?

  • 10 minutes a day completing a daily time sheet equates to a 40 hours of lost billable time in a year for each staff.
  • Reduced wastage through lost billables such as short phone calls, meetings etc.
  • Tracks time even when you are not at your desk or when your computer is off.

How else does this benefit my business?

  • Less wasted time means more time spent on company business, boosting profitability.
  • Project management in real time and against fixed budgets and forecasted end dates.

Have you read how MetriQ can:



"All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that. "
Baltasar Gracian



Download MetriQ's Personal Time Management Software

Demo MetriQ's Personal Time Management Software





Increase Productivity

Staff Productivity improves with MetriQ's automated time capture softwareNo more Time Sheets!

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