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  • MetriQ: Accurate; Consistent; Reliable
  • MetriQ: Home of the Automated Time Sheet Software
  • MetriQ: Removes the need for time sheets.
  • MetriQ: Boosts Productivity!
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From The Beginning

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Getting Started with MetriQ's Personal Time Management Software


 Getting Started with MetriQ



This series of videos will we hope, help you get started using MetriQ®. Here, we've included what we think are the most important aspects of the software when it comes to getting you timing in the shortest possible time. Watching these videos will enable you to get a general overview of the software, how it functions and how you can quickly start timing your own work. So don't be shy, jump right in, and see the difference MetriQ can make for you and your business.  


MetriQ - A Quick Tour
In this video you'll be given a quick tour of MetriQ's basic user interface, a simple look on how to create folders, add icons and how to time your daily work activities within MetriQ. Of course, we'll explain each of the key aspects you are about to see in more detail throughout our video training series, but for now, this video is the best place to start when it comes to understanding how MetriQ can help you manage your time more effectively, accurately and help you and your staff  become more productive.



MetriQ - A Timing Example
Here you will see a short demonstration of just how accurate MetriQ is and highlights the money being wasted with the use of regular manual entry electronic time sheets. In this example video we show an off the shelf run-of-the-mill time sheet entry system being used, while MetriQ times its use in the background. At the end of the video you will be able to see just how long it took to fill out the manual time sheet system, and so in direct comparison, see how easily MetriQ was able to time the whole process, accurately and without fuss. This video also highlights just one of the many unpublished drawbacks of manual entry time sheet technology.


MetriQ Icons
From the very moment you start MetriQ, you'll see that it's quite different to your expectations. One of the key differences is that MetriQ is Iconic from the ground up. Not only do we use the Icon metaphor to start and open software applications that are to be timed automatically, but we also use Icons for manual time entry. Unlike time sheets, icons have allowed us to bring more freedom to the time management process - e.g. Icons (and their accrued time) can be cut and pasted across different clients folders, controlled as business assets rather than recorded entries in an excel spreadsheet. Moreover, visual icons are easier to use and manage, and we feel this simplifies a process that is ordinarily dry and immutable. In addition, Icons have their own Notes field and various setting such as billable and autostart, all helping you get organized with your precious time.


MetriQ is both a pre-emptive and permissive personal time tracking software solution. Pre-emptive time tracking means that you select your task before you begin work (by activating the software you want to use and time). Permissive timing however is for non-computer related tasks, such as a co-worker asking for advise or the phone ringing. It's at these moments you might expect to use iTime, quickly taking you out of MetriQ's automated time capture mode, straight into manual mode. And when your phone call is over, iTime will ask you who and on what the work was for and when assigned, MetriQ will revert back into its automate time capture mode.


Timed Events
For non-computer based work MetriQ uses Timed Events. A Timed Event in MetriQ parlance is in fact a small application that has it's own icon (with over 300 icon images to choose from), that sits on your Client task folders. You might use a Timed Event to record meetings, or interviews, travel or thinking, indeed any activity that you might wish to record time for. It can be launched and timed automatically or simply manually updated to reflect time spent on past events (e.g. Holidays). Timed Events bridge the gap between a fully automated and a manual personal time keeping system.



Adding Disbursements
Not only will MetriQ time your work, but it will also allow you to enter disbursements against different Client Folders. This simple video will show you how to add a disbursement to a folder, ready for reporting and billing. 


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