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Death of a Time Sheet

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Automated Time Tracking is here to stay!


If you haven’t already guessed it, there is a fundamental problem with time sheets, which up until recently has not been addressed, to the detriment of anyone wishing to collect accurate time data for the Client/Project tasks and activities.

Since their inception, time sheets have been manually intensive – and migrating pen and paper time sheets into a digital and electronic format has not changed this aspect of modern data collection. In real terms this means you are now paying your staff to collect time.

If this isn’t bad enough, time sheets also suffer greatly from inaccuracies, lack of flexibility to proactively manage time and the ability to capture time at the software level. Even the recording of short 2 or 3 minute telephone calls regularly get missed because it takes longer to actually complete the time sheet entry than was spent talking on the phone.

In short, we believe time sheets are an old outdated technology that’s had its day. We also believe that the power of your workstation or laptop should be utilized to track time for you, automatically and with minimal intervention from you. Even web based time sheets have the added delay of opening and connecting through the World Wide Web, which can be slow depending on whey you use it – or some days not available at all!



"So little time and so little to do."
Oscar Levant